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Diving in Denmark

Many people associate adventurous diving with many fish and plants with exotic destinations such as Indonesia, the Caribbean and similar. However, many people overlook the fact that you can also find exciting and interesting diving spots right here in Denmark. The Danish sea is obviously not so colourful and exotic as can be seen elsewhere in the world, but you will definitely be surprised how much can be found in Danish waters, if only you know where to look. For example, one can get a close look at the variety of plants on the seabed and on the stones, mussels and fish such as plaice and fish from the pipefish family. So, you can easily get an adventurous experience with diving a little closer to home, namely in the archipelago south of Funen.


Diving in the Archipelago

If you want to see Danish marine fish and plants, the archipelago is a good spot to choose. There are a number of diving spots, where you are more likely to spot fish like plaice and pipefish than in other parts of the country. One of the reasons why there is so much to experience under the sea around the archipelago is because there are several sunken ferries and ships from various times. You can dive the wrecks and see the many polyps, plants and fish that are attracted to sunken ships. Besides, it is always fun to be allowed to dive on a sunken ship, because then there is certainly something to look at and explore throughout the dive. That way you can definitely gain some experiences of diving in the South Funen Archipelago, which does not match anything else you’ve experienced.

Another interesting area is a diver’s spot quite close to Hotel Christiansminde where ships from the German navy, sunk during World War II, have come to rest. More finds from the seabed of, for example, old porcelain, tells stories from another period of time as well as the various fish and plants to see. If you’re ready for a diving experience out of the ordinary, right here in Denmark, then a trip to the South Funen Archipelago is definitely worth considering.
For the more experienced divers, we recommended diving on the shipwrecked ferry, Ærøsund – just west of Svendborg. The ferry was sunk in 2014 and has already achieved considerable international interest. Those more interested in history can explore the area around on the bottom of Lunkebugten bay, where 4 German motor-torpedo boats, sunk in May 1945 have come to rest.

See details of dive spots in the south Fyn Archipelago

Diving for all

In the Archipelago there is something for everyone. The numerous wrecks lying on the seabed certainly attract many divers, but it requires some experience and ability before setting off on that kind of dive. Fortunately, there are also many other spots near Svendborg, which provide encounters for those who are less experienced or simply do not like wreck dives. For example, the dive at Thurø Dam, Christiansminde and Svendborgsund Bridge. When it comes to diving in the archipelago, we dare to guarantee that there are experiences for every taste and every level.